The 30% Cashback Binance service connection via vano

!! Attention - Before you register with the referral link below - Make sure that you have received your personal identifier for the payment system.

An example of an identifier: aabb***** - where the first four characters are unique, and are assigned to each referral individually. The number of characters in the name is at least 8.

You can get it by running the Telegram bot. And only after completing the instructions for creating a new email - start following the instructions below 👇

Open the received link either in a new browser where you have never opened Binance, or in Incognito/Anonymous mode

When you entered the registration page - it should be specified

Referral ID 41920210

If it is specified, fill in the registration form and create a new account

If Referral ID 41920210 is not specified - then write it yourself - 41920210

As soon as you complete the task, click the button below - I've done it, and also follow the link to see your user ID, specify it @krypto_pride.

After confirmation by admin - the Settings menu will open, where you need to specify email for correspondence (not the one used for registration), as well as USDT TRC20 wallet address to get the cashback

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