Training and technical support

Cashback-Binance does not focus on specialized trading training, but all our referral partners receive comprehensive support in information and technical terms, as well as a discount on training provided by our partners - successful traders on the Binance exchange


What support we provide:

  • Telegram chat Allows to get all the information on technical issues of referral program registration

  • Live discussion of cryptocurrency trading gives extensive understanding of the market situation and helps to create your own strategy

  • Up-to-date platforms for market analysis and professional forecasting are provided

  • Separate chat for discussing instruments and setting up trading terminal for individual strategies

  • We provide a list of materials on professional trading, which was selected from thousands of publications and videos on the Internet - it's not so easy to collect really effective recommendations today.

Do you have any questions?

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Professional training in a private chat room

Scalping training in chat with experienced traders.

There are 2 types of trainings: group and individual. You will find something suitable for yourself in each variant.

The basic theory provides the basis for every beginner. It includes a big collection of examples of deals with analysis, recorded trading videos, 20 rules with sub-items, which every trader should know and follow, ready-made detects for automated search of coins in the trading terminal, and settings of the trading terminal itself.

All this base allows to understand the exact entries and exits from the trades, which are honed in the private chat room. Both newbies; and traders with more than 3 years of cryptocurrency trading experience are found here.

If you want to learn more quickly and effectively how to trade on the cryptocurrency market, then there is individual training for you: live transactions in telegram channel, lessons and calls via telegram and skype, help in auto-trading and all the strategies that are present in the trading terminal.


Club of professional traders where experience, recommendations, knowledge and help are perfectly combined with discussion of trading and new ideas in the circle of like-minded persons.

An experienced trader gives daily recommendations for entry and exit from scalper deals; assesses the potential of some promising coins for the near future, and gives daily analytics on bitcoin and coins to watch

There is no hierarchy in CRYPTOMOON VIP LOUNGE; no strong and weak, no old and new Any idea, question or problem is respected here. You not only get a huge portion of useful information, you learn how to generate the same usefulness, thus increasing your skills of market vision and the frequency of accurate profitable transactions.

It does not matter what size of your deposit, how much time you spend in trading and what detectors you use - being in the chat room you will always get the most accurate information where and how you should trade to get the maximal profit

Mirroring trades

If you don't have enough knowledge and skills to make the first steps - you can take advantage of the experience of master traders.

For this purpose there is a special list in which their nicknames and statistics are specified. You can choose the master whose trades you will be able to follow in an automatic mode.

The trader gets access to your account without the ability to withdraw funds - he can only trade this and cryptocurrency at his discretion.

Mirroring trades is good practice for novice traders. However, you need to look at things soberly, as even very successful traders can incur losses on unsuccessful trades. Therefore, trust management should be balanced and without fanaticism.

The advantages of this method:

You "learn" online in live mode with live money: watching professionals make trading decisions

You reduce the risk of losses, because the lack of analysis skills of newbies usually leads to loss of the first deposits

If you simultaneously communicate with the master-trader in the chat room, you can immediately get advice on opening and closing trades

Disadvantages of the method:

All traders are living people who may have family problems, a gray streak of bad luck, etc. Don't rely entirely on one successful cryptocurrency trader

The truly brilliant professionals in this business are not always in a hurry to reveal their secrets and workings. Therefore, the "list of the best" is a relative concept

The method of mirroring trades can relax the novice trader, reduce their level of responsibility and requirements for self-learning

If you are just learning to trade cryptocurrency, then 30% cashback from exchange commission will be a significant support in your beginnings.