Bots and Trading Terminals

Bots and trading terminals for automated trading. Practice shows that trading without auxiliary tools and trading terminal settings very soon leads to zeroed out trader's account. Do you want to avoid it?

MoonBot is a platform for manual and automated trading with a tick chart and display of each order.

Cross-platform professional trading terminal

specific requirements

Cashback-Binance recommends only proven trading terminals which combine reliability, power, flexibility in settings. That's why we've chosen the development team according to our requirements

Simple interface

All visual aspects are designed in a restrained style; so as not to distract the trader and not to cause unwanted emotions when making trading decisions


Wide possibilities for configurations

A complete trading platform allows you to connect several monitors at the same time, configure windows with several charts and different instruments. For those who prefer to work at night there is a series of options for dark working hours: with an eye-saving mode


Safe trading directly with the exchange

We connect direct access to the exchange's servers right before you start working, which gives you a guarantee that NO ONE can interfere with your trades. This also gives you maximum speed in fractions of a second when opening or closing orders


Optimal adaptation to the strategy

The main purpose of the bot is to adapt the signals and auxiliary tools to the strategy. With MoonBot and MoonTrader you can make informed trading decisions with any strategy


Strategy Editor

The flexible interface allows you to customize the terminal to your unique strategy and adjust the signals: if necessary. Our bots allow you to make a structured approach to trading: including pending orders with predefined parameters


A bot is not a program that can make money for you while you sleep!

Do not overestimate the possibilities of bots!


Bots are multifunctional tools that give you many times more chances to earn money with the right settings.

Don't ignore the smart trading tools!

Don't know how to choose the suitable trading terminal?

Get a free consultation from our Expert Advisor for automated trading bots

Why should you try MoonBot right now?

It has no time limit on how long you can use it. You can make money from it for as long and as successfully as you like

MoonBot Free is absolutely free: no one-time or monthly fee.

Full functionality of the trading terminal, which does not include only the most advanced tools - beginners do not need them at all

Efficient adaptation to user requirements - the wishes and suggestions of users are implemented in the program functionality within 24 hours

The free version of MoonBot was developed for Windows, if you work with other systems then the MoonTrader is for you

Free version

Once again we remind you that your trading will always be more successful with a cashback of 30% of the exchange commission. Connect the referral program and earn - earn - earn!

Subscription to signals

An additional bonus of working with us is the possibility to subscribe to the trading signals for a fee. Signals are indications of specific entry/exit points, which can be accompanied by analytics and explanations.


We do not create the signals by our own traders, we use paid professional aggregators, which provide the data with a high level of analytical reasoning

You can directly open orders using our trading signals or configure the signals with your bot to make the automated trading more convenient

Trading signals gives you a more professional approach to trading and increases your profit percentage

Read more about the signals in our blog
Read more about the signals in our blog