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The history of the youngest cryptocurrency currency - is only a few years old. We have been working in this market since 2017, but we already have a number of achievements that we can and are proud of

We do not make false promises and always fulfill our obligations

We provide comprehensive consulting support and always learn from you

We offer cooperation to experienced and newbies traders who are well aware of all the opportunities and risks of cryptocurrency trading

Cashback-Binance experience

The history of the youngest cryptocurrency currency is only a few years old. We have been working in this market since 2017.

Back then, many global financial systems perceived cryptocurrency as a non-serious investment.

However, after the rapid growth of Bitcoin and intensive development of crypto-exchanges, the attitude to this market has changed dramatically


Our knowledge and skills
— most important asset

Here are some of the key tenets, which are the foundation of our activities

Trading Mechanism

Modern trading is impossible without knowing how to work with automated trading bots, as well as without extensive market knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of cryptocurrency exchanges

cryptocurrency trading

Crypto-currency trading is fundamentally different from marginal trading on stock exchanges: classical types of analysis and direct dependence on news do not work here


The key to successful trading is a strong team and trust management. Ability to copy trades of experienced traders increases your chances for profit dozens of times

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The refund schedule

One of the keys to the right strategy is to minimize losses on commissions. We return 30% cashback on exchange commissions, which means we increase your income!


How do we do it?

Binance exchange referral program returns 40% of cashback to users who have a constant account on the exchange more than 500 BNB (exchange internal currency). We give 30% of them to our referrals. All clean, official and honest!

The questions you ask:


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Vano 30% Cashback Вано

Is this program only for new traders on Binance, or can experienced cryptocurrency traders join?

The referral program works for both. If you have been trading for a long time, but want to get a higher percentage of commission return, then please contact our administrator