Make money with cryptocurrency

Binance exchange cryptocurrency trading

with a maximum cashback commission 30%

How does it work?

You make a transaction on Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Whether your transaction is successful or not, you pay a commission to the exchange - from 0.05% to 0.3%

You can open and close hundreds of transactions daily if you trade actively, which adds up to total commission for the service

Thanks to our affiliate program we can refund you 30% of your commissions!

If you trade high volumes the % commission can be a very solid amount

Calculate your cashback amount

If you are already a trader and know the approximate turnover per month, then calculating your cashback is very easy!
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Why is it more profitable with us?


We offer a commission refund of up to 30%


Completely safe and transparent rebate scheme, proven by hundreds of traders


All our conditions are officially approved and coordinated with Binance


Payment is made twice a month with statements and links to transactions

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Cashback Account

5 easy steps to get a cashback account

Step 1.

You get a Telegram bot with instructions

Step 3.

After registration, your new address is checked in the list of referrals

Step 5.

You start trading and mentally prepare for a new source of income

Step 2.

You're given the symbols for the creation of a new e-mail address and a link for registration on the exchange

Step 4.

In your telegram bot you specify your details for regular payments

Traders with the referral code Cashback-Binance is provided:

Support in our Community -

Ongoing support 24/7 on all trading issues, exchange of useful information and discussion of trading terminal services.


Discounts on Trading Training

Professional trading training is conducted by our Binance partners, so we are able to provide discounts on training courses.


Assistance with VDS connection, setup and optimization

A VDS connection is a direct connection to Binance's servers which allows you to trade without seconds delay in signal transmission. We provide help to set up a VDS quickly and get you up and running on all your connection options.


Getting instructions on trading services

A Cashback-Binance referral will get a full set of instructions on how the service works. There will be no need to search and gather information by yourself.


Receiving Signals Subscription Bonuses

If you want to use trading signals and analytics, our referrals receive these services at substantial discounts and bonuses.

The perfect start

If you are just planning to start trading cryptocurrency - Binance is the perfect place for a quick start!

  • - The number one Exchange in the world by trading volume among all cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Daily trading volume exceeds $4 billion

  • Minimal transaction fees - from 0.1% to 0.05%.

  • - User-friendly interface and support of more than 240 crypto-assets

  • Service doesn't require verification for withdrawing up to 2 VTB per day

  • Internal settlements are conducted in its own currency (BNB)

  • No commission for deposit in any cryptocurrency

  • Universal language support in 20 languages, including Russian

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Advanced trading bot for trading

Modern crypto trading is inconceivable without automated advisors - bots. We offer a variant of today's top trading terminal - MoonBot, which allows you to trade based on tick data and display each order on the chart

Absolute confidentiality and safety of information

All traders' data is stored in encrypted form without the possibility of remote access

Improved and tested version of the bot

MoonBot was thoroughly tested for manual and automated trading

Even less risk in deal management

MoonBot reduces your losses significantly with 5 types of stop loss and take profit

Effective signals for auto-trading

Tradingview and Telegram signals allow you to trade fully automatically

Market activity estimation for manual and automated trading

MoonBot will promptly report about sudden price increases, decreases or abnormal signals in the chart

trusted management

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