30% Cashback from Vano!


Hey, trader!

Welcome to the Binance exchange commission return service!

Here is short info to save your time:

  • If you are thinking to start trading with Binance,then you can return the part of the paid commission. Sometimes the amount of money you can get is quite impressive.
  • you do not need to get any access keys, logins, passwords, etc. to connect to the service. All your assets are under your control.

The commission is very small. How much money is that?

30% Spot

15% Futures

It depends on your trading style and, of course, the order size. If you are trading long positions, then such a return may not be significant. But if you are involved in scalping, then you spend a large amount on commissions so the return can be very significant.

For example, you use a 0.2 bitcoin order and place approximately 50 orders per day:

0.2 (order size) * 50 (orders per day) * 30 days * 0.0015 (commission) * 0.3 (return percentage) = 0.135 bitcoin (about $ 540 per month)

Now multiply this number by 5. If you have a 1 bitcoin order, then you must agree that the number is pretty high, considering that it does not depend in any way on the quality of your trades. The commission is paid in any case, whether you trade into positive or negative. So it is also great insurance against not very successful trading months.

At any time you can go to theFees menu and find out how much trading volume you have per month and what the approximate commission return is. You can calculate all using the table.

To check the amount of your cashback 👆

What is the order of connecting to the service?

  1. Setting an email for a new Binance account (get approval in personal messages of the first 2 letters of your email. They will be registered on the exchange. In my account, your email is displayed as abcs***@***.com so the first 4 letters should be unique for each referral.)
  2. Registering by referral link provided in a personal message
  3. Transferring the deposit from your old account to the new one
  4. Trading as usual
  5. Transferring 30% (15% Futures) of the spent commission 2 times a month to your account

⚠️To receive a cashback, the entire commission must be accrued using BNB. If you have other coins in your statistics, then these trades will NOT be taken into account!

In order to avoid misunderstandings later, check the box «Use BNB» on the account page. Also, you should have a sufficient balance of BNB on your balance (starting with 3 BNB).

⚠️P.S. The above is NOT taken into account when trading Futures, where the use of BNB is optional. All transactions will be taken into account.

If moonbot s used for trading, then check the Autobuy box in the Settings in the Special tab.

Sounds good, but it looks like another scam.

In fact, everything is transparent. The Binance exchange officially allows you to return up to 40% of the commission if you own a large stack of BNB tokens.

Of which:

30% are returned to you

10% remain to maintain service, payments, etc.

P.S. Due to the launch of the Futures market, the possibility of 15% cashback for futures appeared.

Ok, it’s not a fraud, but who are you and why can I trust you?

I am a well-known admin vano. I also provide access to the Premium_Moon channel with signals for trading, in particular, using the Moon_Bottrading terminal.

But first of all, I believe in the crypto-economy and I did not come here to cut the dough. I’m here to stay for a long time. Therefore, my BNB assets, which guarantee the return of the commission, are also acquired for a long time.

Yes, there is always a risk that I will keep the commission I earned with your help, but this is such a rare occasion that I don't even know what to say. Long-term cooperation is much more beneficial for both me and for you.

I sincerely hope that you are interested now. Frankly speaking, my whole life I was extremely skeptical about all kinds of referral systems and cashback, but I changed my mind when I understood what Binance could offer us.

👉 Cashback users chat

I will be happy to answer all your questions!

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